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Our Video Profile process includes:

SCRIPT REVIEW. You don’t want your video just to be a visual version of your resume.  It needs to capture someone’s attention, it needs to tell a story.  Your story. We work with you to help craft the perfect script.

PROFESSIONAL COACHING. Most of us do not have experience being in front of a camera.  To capture someone’s attention not only requires a great script but a great performance.  That is why we provide on camera coaching to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and sound your best.

PROFESSIONAL SHOOT. We use our in-house studio, professional cameras, audio and lighting to make you look and sound great, and a teleprompter so you don’t have to memorize your lines.

PROFESSIONAL EDITING. This is where it all comes together.  We will add your name, your company logo and design an end frame with will your contact information.