Company Branding Video – Weill Cornell GI Oncology

//Company Branding Video – Weill Cornell GI Oncology
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Project Description

The Gastrointestinal (GI) Oncology Program at Weill Cornell Medicine is one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary cancer treatment programs in the world. The GI Oncology Program offers comprehensive care across the entire spectrum of digestive cancers, and their unique approach to integrating patient care and cutting-edge research allows them to provide exceptional diagnostic and therapeutic results. They asked us to help promote their services to a larger market and get them found more easily. We used Video SEO techniques to get them found on the 1st page of Google and produced a series of marketing videos. 1 Video was an overall branding video, the other 3 were moving testimonials, with all 4 videos exemplifying the incredible people and services that comprise The GI Oncology Program.

Project Details