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Our Online Video Marketing Process

We believe that the best way to connect with potential customers in a personal and effective way is by using video to share your story and explain what makes your business different. Video SEO Pro is unique in that we combine professional quality video production with video SEO services, with one goal in mind: driving more customers to your business by getting you found online.  Our differentiated Online Video Marketing process is based on keyword research and competitive analysis to make sure your video aims at the right target market from the very start.


Step 1:

Preliminary Interview

To properly tell your story we need to get to know you and your business.  Our first step is to conduct an in-depth phone or in-person interview. Your answers become the basis of the story we develop.


Step 2:

Choose Video Style

We offer a wide variety of professional quality video styles including explainer video, spokesperson videos, motion graphic videos, Kickstarter videos, event videos and training videos. We will recommend which type of video would be the most effective for your business based on your goals and budget.


Step 3:

Keyword & Competitive Analysis

We analyze what words people use to search online within your industry and find the most relevant ones to include when creating your video(s).  Additionally, we do an extensive analysis of your competitor’s websites to see what type of content and keywords they are using and how well their websites are optimized.


Step 4:

Creative & Script Development

We develop a creative concept and write a script based on what we learned during the interview process and the keyword analysis.  Once the creative concept and script are approved, we start preparing for the actual video production.


Step 5 :

(Whiteboards only) Storyboard

Our whiteboard videos are based on original illustrations created by our team of talented artists. We provide rough sketches of the illustrations in a storyboard format so that we can get your comments on the look and story. Once the storyboard is approved we create the finalized illustrations that will be animated in the whiteboard video.


Step 6:

Video Production

This step varies according to the type of online video package you chose. Our live action video packages include a two or three hour shoot at our studio or on location. Our spokesperson videos are shot in our green screen studio with one of our professional actors. Our artists and in-house animators do all of our other types of videos like whiteboards and motion graphics.


Step 7:


Post-production is where we, as storytellers, use video and graphics to tell your story. We edit all the source material – video, photos, illustrations – and integrate text, graphics and effects.  We then add music, sound effects and professional narration to complete your professional finished online video(s).


Step 8:

YouTube Channel

We create, custom brand and optimize your very own YouTube channel so it becomes a powerful lead generation tool.  We then upload your video(s) on YouTube adding the proper title, tags, description and other advanced settings to work in conjunction with our video SEO strategies.


Step 9:

Search Engine Optimization

We really enjoy creating videos but getting your video on the first page of Google is much more satisfying!  All our packages come with three months of video SEO service. We use a variety of techniques and proprietary tools to get your videos to rank on the first page of Google!