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3 essential things to know before you create a branding video for your business

3 essential things you should know before you create a branding video for your business

Video is a powerful tool for all businesses. If you want to leave a memorable impression on your audience, you want your branding video to look as professional as you are. Therefore, professionally produced video is the best way to go. During the planning and logistics phase, it is important to take three essential things into consideration. With these tips, you will be capable of selling anything you want through video content.

1. Know your target audience

Consider the audience you want your branding video to speak to and ask these questions: Who are they? What are they looking for? Don’t limit yourself to demographic research only, but also brainstorm: what do they connect with? By delving into the answers to these questions you will be able to create the quality content your audience most wants to consume.

2. Decide on your message

What do you want your audience to do or feel after watching your branding video? Good videos should end with a strong call to action. Remember, people like to be told what to do. Once you decide on this goal you will be able to strategize how best to go about making your audience feel inclined to think, feel or act a certain way.

3. Have a clear marketing strategy

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Your branding video will generate better results and reach a wider audience if you share and promote it across multiple platforms. How can you do this? Here are a few ideas: Set up a YouTube or Vimeo channel and cross publicize your video to your Facebook page and other social media accounts. Your videos can also be used to direct potential clients to your landing page or other websites of your choosing. Video analytics helps you track engagement and sales generated from views.

Knowing how to materialize your ideas can often be the most challenging part of the process. By keeping these tips in mind to clarify your vision, you will be able to leave the video production itself to the professionals and optimize your chances of success.

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The top 3 reasons why you should use professional video production for your business

There are many reasons why you should produce video for your business. However, it is important to know the limits of DIY and when you should hire a professional. Knowing how to shoot and produce video yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best course of action.  That being said, here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire a professional:

1. To save money

This may seem counterintuitive, but producing your own business video can be time-consuming, stressful and expensive. A good video production, even when the end result is only a minute long, can easily take days or weeks to complete when you tally up the time you need to assemble a crew, write, film, and edit. Time is money and you will be taking valuable time away from your business in order to work on a project that may require a lot of unexpected reworking; perhaps without accomplishing your original goals.

2. Product quality

Video produced by professionals is always going to be of higher quality. Not only do pros have a better understanding of video and audio equipment but they also have the skills and stylistic experience to provide you with a unique and polished product. And don’t forget: professional video production is quicker and more efficient, delivering your video by the deadline you require.

3. Marketing expertise

Shooting and editing video is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a professional video company can offer. They will incorporate a client’s perspective into the production process to ensure that your intended message is communicated effectively and in an interesting and engaging way. Also, when talking about video for business, you need to have a strategy to leverage it, otherwise it’s a waste of time and money. But that is not something you do after the video is ready. A video marketing agency will not only create the right kind of video for the business goal you have but also craft a strategy for it to generate more business.

How you present your company in first impressions is key. The message you send to your audience should be memorable and inspire action. Quality video for your business is the smart investment that sets you apart from the competition.

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Why Are Video Testimonials a Must?


And why they can help you close sales
video testimonials film strip

Before making a purchase, all consumers want to know if it is worth investing time (and money) in a product or service. With websites like Yelp and Amazon becoming cultural staples, very few of us don’t do a little research before spending our hard-earned cash. After all, we want the best, and the best way to judge whether something may be right for us is by good old-fashioned peer review.

But how do we trust which testimonials are legitimate? It is not always easy to spot a fake written review. Besides, as a business, getting your customers to sit down and write a valuable review may prove to be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Video testimonials are much easier to do, and much more effective as well. They provide an authentic review experience to consumers while addressing their questions in a direct and impactful way.

In fact, video is far more engaging than text as people are much more likely to watch a video than read an article. When it comes to website reviews and information, video has a 95% retention rate while that of textual information is only about 12%. Video is also more often shared across a variety of marketing and social media platforms. Because of the authenticity of video, not to mention its entertainment value, they have much higher click rates than articles.

Video testimonials are a smart investment because they convey the emotional impact your product or service has on a client. People tend to buy based on emotions than logic. Video testimonials offer viewers an independent and personal perspective of someone who was once in their shoes and who is now happy with the choice that they made. Because 65% of the population are visual learners and 90% of consumers  admit that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, video testimonials save you time and money. After all, you are utilizing a marketing tool that you already have: satisfied customers.

We know it is a social proof that customers care more about peer reviews than anything else. Consider the power that this has when it comes to influencing and persuading your potential customers. Video testimonials are key to closing more sales not only because of their emotional impact and marketing capabilities but because of the trust that they establish between customers. People are much more likely to do business with you when they relate to your brand as it is conveyed by your satisfied clients. A video testimonial genuinely communicates the value that a business or product has brought to a customer’s life and why others should make the same smart choice.

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Why is storytelling good for business?

Why is storytelling good for business?

And why is video the best way to tell a story

Storytelling through video is becoming more and more popular as a way to entertain audiences while also giving them a compelling reason why they should do business with you. An honest story, told in a creative way, can be invaluable for a variety of reasons, but here are a few to keep in mind:

First of all, video is one of the best ways for companies to humanize their brand. An effective marketing video builds trust between you and the consumer by telling a story that is relatable. Don’t forget: video viewers are used to increasing levels of personalization. Take this example from Nike that shows an ambitious young kid watching his future play out before his eyes:

The story Nike is telling doesn’t just belong to a brand; it belongs to an individual with a name who goes through challenges and frustrations on the way to realizing his dream. The viewer forgets that the real goal may be to put them in a pair of Nike shoes because they are engrossed in the story; they are in the shoes of the character.

Visual storytelling brings your products and services to life but the story that you may want to tell does not need to be elaborate and over the top. Rather, let your product speak for itself by centering the story around it. All products and services are designed to help consumers solve a certain problem. Using real-life scenarios to illustrate your point makes it easier to engage potential clients by relating your products to them personally.

The simple act of storytelling makes your message memorable. Most of us are visual learners and presenting a story through video takes people along for the journey. Good stories can make us laugh, make us cry, but most importantly, they make us feel things. This is what sticks a story in our memory. Facts and statistics may prove a point, but video is what will stick your story in clients’ memories, long after the numbers have faded.

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Why do businesses need video today?

Why Do Businesses Need Video Today?

In today’s marketing world, video is a crucial part of any campaign. It comes as no surprise that almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service they are seeking, sometimes even before they enter a store. Video marketing allows you to personalize content in a compelling way that shows rather than tells. A prime example of this is illustrated by Samsung’s 2018 marketing campaign for the Galaxy S9. In only 30 seconds, Samsung shows its audience how the new phone’s camera has been reimagined and has the power to “remix your everyday”.

You’ve heard about how a picture is worth 1,000 words? One minute of video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. Viewers are drawn to short, “snackable” content that informs and entertains. By instantly grabbing the attention of the viewer, you have an opportunity to propose to them a direct call to action that, when outlined in text, simply does not capture interest in the same way.

For example, a relevant call to action in a promo video would be providing a clickable link at the end of the video that drives viewers to your website. The offer is presented at the most opportune time: immediately after they are shown why they need your products or services.

Video analytics makes tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns easy: not just by showing you the number of views, but also by showing viewers’ regions, how long they watched for, and what sections of the video were most often played. Take the guess work out of wondering what your audience wants to see. The analytics will tell you and make it easier to maximize your content.

Whether your business is looking to engage directly with clients or promote its latest product, video is the undoubtedly the most efficient way to accomplish your marketing goals.

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3 Key Video Marketing Terms Everyone Should Know

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Spring : perfect time to create video for your business

3 Steps Before Creating Video For Your Business

Many businesses create video content without having a clear purpose for the video or a way to accurately measure its success. Before you call a video professional or pick up a camera yourself, here are a few questions you should be asking:

What is the goal you’re trying to achieve with the video? Lead generation, sales conversion or branding enhancement?

What is the value-add your video will bring to your clients?

How does this video integrate into your overall marketing strategy?

What  key performance indicators are you going to use to determine its effectiveness? 

How can the content be used to enhance the client experience? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

There are many options when considering video, but which will provide the best results?  You should consider:

Which type of video; a branding video, client testimonial video, a how-to video or a video blog?

Should it be live action, animation or motion graphics? 

Should you use spokesperson or do it yourself?

Should it be scripted or not? 

Shot professionally or with a smartphone? 

How much should you invest? ​​​​​​​

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered when thinking about video.  The important thing is to determine what kind of video content will meet your business and financial objectives.

Now you have a video.  What should you do with it? 

Unfortunately most businesses overlook the many ways video content can be shared to leverage their investment and produce results.  

Before you share it, though, make sure to upload your video on a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo. Never upload it to your server. Now let’s get to some ideas on how to leverage it:

Your website. Sounds obvious, but many people don’t do that. Just by adding a video to your website you will increase significantly the time visitors stay on it. Furthermore, it may be the reason why they will be doing business with you. But please… make sure your video content is the first thing a visitor sees when they go to your website. Don’t hide it on the bottom of a forgotten page!​​​​​​​

Social media. Video is the #1 kind of content shared and consumed on social media. You should be sharing every video you create in all your media channels: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Email Marketing. By adding a video to your email blasts, you can increase their open rate by at least 19%, so don’t miss this opportunity. Since you can’t add the actual video to the email without making it huge, ad a link to it. Just make sure to create a nice and attractive thumbnail that will prompt people to click on it.

Blogs and Press Releases. Videos can and should be added to blogs and press releases as links. The more, the merrier.

When properly optimized for specific keywords, videos can be used to increase traffic to your website and generate more business. This will not replace the SEO you’re doing for your website (hopefully you are), but it will help it immensely. ​​​​​​​

Hopefully this will be helpful for you to start your spring on the right foot. If you need some help, you should know that we got inspired by the spring, so we are offering a FREE VIDEO MARKETING PHONE CONSULTATION to help you make all the decisions mentioned above. So use the link below to schedule yours before the spring is gone!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Video SEO Pro is a video marketing agency that works with companies in leveraging video content to achieve their business goals. We work with your marketing team to maximize the effectiveness of existing video content or to create new professional quality videos to get the best ROI.

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    What is Video Blogging and How Can It Help Your Business? Part 1

What is Video Blogging and How Can It Help Your Business? Part 1

What is Video Blogging and How Can It Help Your Business? Part 1

Blogging regularly is one of the best things a business can do to increase visibility and improve brand awareness. Today I would like to tell you about something that works even better: Vlogging.  Yes, you guessed correctly. Vlogging means Video + Blogging.

Vlogging is when you create a video and post it as a blog as a way to provide rich and relevant content to engage with your audience. Vlogging is a cost effective and efficient marketing strategy that can yield serious results. Why is it efficient? Let me share with you a few reasons:

People love videos

On YouTube alone, more than 6 BILLION hours of video are watched every month. On Facebook, 500 MILLION people watch videos every day. And, everyone loves to share videos: 92% of mobile viewers share videos with others.

It’s easy for viewers to consume

People don’t have patience or time to read these days, and the information flow is huge. They want to get it quickly and watching a video is always going to be faster than reading a block of text.

It makes you more human

It’s all about trust. The more human your company is, the more trustworthy you will seem to potential clients. Video is much more engaging than whatever you can write on your “About Us” page below your photo. If done correctly, it creates an emotional bond, and people make buying decisions based on emotion, not logic.

Video is the future

Video has been conquering a larger and larger part of the Internet lately. The prediction for the end of 2017 is that video will be 74% of all internet traffic. So if you start vlogging now, you should be ahead of the game, setting yourself up as an innovator.

It’s great for SEO

Videos rank better on Google than anything else. No wonder – after all, Google owns YouTube, which is actually the 2nd search engine after Google! Actually, 62% of all Google searches now include video. By creating video content, you are increasing your online presence, so more potential clients can find you.

Vlogs can be about anything you want. You can give professional tips, share insights, answer questions, provide instruction or help people solve problems. Just don’t try to sell anything, this will be an instant turn-off. The goal of a vlog is for more people to know you, see you as a thought leader and build trust. The more you are seen as an expert in your industry the better your chances are of generating more business. Here’s an example of a vlog made by a client of ours who is a web designer:

So pick up a camera and start vlogging! Stay tunned for Part 2 next week, when I’ll give some technical tips on how you can create your own vlogs. If you are already vlogging, please send me a link to your vlog, I would love to watch it!

See you then!

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