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So What is Video Marketing Anyway?

Welcome To Video SEO Pro, Inc.

Video SEO Pro, Inc. is a Westchester County (New York) based online video production, video marketing and video SEO agency with over 40 years of combined video production experience.  Both partners have worked with New York City based advertising agencies to create national advertising campaigns.  They started Video SEO Pro, Inc. to help small businesses use professional online videos to market their companies online.

By combining high quality videos with the latest SEO technology, we have mastered how to use online video to drive traffic to our client’s websites and ultimately to bring them more business . Together we create more than mere moving images; we tell stories, our clients’ stories, in the most professional, effective and compelling way, and then we work to make sure the whole world knows about it.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell YOUR story!

Click on the player below to listen to a radio interview with the owners of Video SEO Pro, David Vogel and Neco Turkienicz

Meet Our Team

David Vogel
David VogelPresident and Co-Founder
David is an entrepreneur, senior editor and motion graphics artist born and living in New York.  He started his career working as as a 1st camera assistant on commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films in New York. For the past twenty years he has worked in various areas of the film industry including production, post- production and visual effects.  For more than fourteen years he worked at Charlex and Launch in NY as a senior editor, utilizing his 2D animation, compositing and editorial skills on national commercials and test spots for US and international ad agencies.
Neco Turkienicz
Neco TurkieniczVice President and Co-Founder
Neco is an internationally accomplished creative director, TV director and editor, living in New York. Born in Brazil  and graduated from the Tel-Aviv University’s Film & Television School, Neco  has worked for more than 20 years in broadcast and cable television. He directed and edited several documentary films in Israel and the US and served as Creative Director in two major animation companies in New York, being responsible for hundreds of promos, commercials and trailers for major ad agencies in the US and Europe. Above all, Neco loves to take a good idea from basic concept to visual completion and to tell a great story.
Sivan Law-Yone Gilad
Sivan Law-Yone GiladGlobal Business Development
Sivan is an entrepreneur, consultant and business developer living in China. For the past fifteen years he has worked in various areas of the Hi-tech industry including co-founding VC backed start ups, app developemnt studios and helming Social media marketing agencies. For the past six years he’s been hard at work in Asia as consultant for various companies working on various marketing and sales campaigns for the ASEAN markets utilizing his connections and past experience in setting up and sucessfuly completing international projects. Sivan studied industrial design and later East Asians studies. He speaks Chinese and Thai fluently and his mission is to connect people to ideas and getting things done!
Yoni Turkienicz
Yoni TurkieniczProducer and Videographer
Yoni is a producer, videographer and editor with a lot of professional experience for his young years. He is a graduate of from Hampshire College with a major in Film, and has worked in video since he was 15. He has international experience in film production and post production, having worked in Brazil, Israel and the US . He has directed a full length documentary film and worked as a videographer, producer and editor on several other productions.

Who Is Video SEO Pro

To tell your story and deliver your message using online video in the most professional and customized manner, and use online video marketing to spread the word about you and get you on the first page of Google.
No task is too hard, no goal is impossible. The hurdles on our way are there not to make us fail, but to make us learn.
To deliver the best, the most efficient and the most professional in a timely manner. To always exceed client’s expectations.