3 Key Video Marketing Terms

Everyone Should Know



The internet is full of useful information about marketing and how to increase your business’s online presence. Marketing jargon doesn’t always make sense to everyone; sometimes you may feel like you are looking for answers only to have to stop and seek more answers to new questions that arose from your research. To help simplify this process, here is a brief overview of some of the top video marketing terms you are most likely to hear thrown around:


Content Marketing


Content marketing is designed to stimulate interest in your product or business without promoting it directly. In the words of Content Marketing Institute CSO, Robert Rose: “traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.” Content marketing distributes useful, brand-relevant information to engage audiences and for that reason it is usually done on social media platforms.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization refers to the practice of enhancing where a webpage appears in search results. You can optimize where your site appears in Google’s search results by adjusting a website's on-page SEO elements, but there are also a ton of other components that go into improving a site’s SEO. Search engines look for elements including title tags, keywords, image tags, social media signals from Twitter and Facebook, and other external factors (yes, including video!)

*Note: SEO can sometimes be confused with SEM, search engine marketing. SEM involves paid advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO deals with the search engine’s organic results.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


 Last but not least are KPIs. KPIs are metrics that companies use to evaluate their success. When choosing your key performance indicators, you should always keep in mind that you want to best represent the performance of your marketing and business. KPIs are different for every industry and business model. For example, if you are making an introductory video for your business that you post on YouTube, an appropriate KPI would be how many views your video gets. However, if you are making a video that ends with a strong call to action, such as a donation, your KPI could be how much traffic to the donation page was a result of video clicks.

 Marketing research can be overwhelming but even more frustrating if you happen to be new to the field. Whether you want to create original video content to increase your business’s online presence, or are looking to engage more directly with your audience, knowledge of these key terms will help you carve out your path to success.


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